The Desserted Girl

Gayatri is a person of many passions. She adores books, dogs, puns, and chocolate. While Gayatri has had the opportunity to grow up in various places, she considers Mumbai, India, her true home. Currently residing in Bangalore, a city she initially found unfamiliar but has grown to appreciate.

Having studied advertising and worked full-time, Gayatri now freelances as a copywriter. She identifies as a vegetarian who also enjoys eggs, and she admits to having a tendency to speak a bit too quickly, making it fortunate that her thoughts can be expressed more deliberately through writing.

She began writing in blog as a hobby, but it quickly evolved into an all-consuming passion for Gayatri. Her mind is constantly occupied with thoughts of recipes and ingredients, resulting in a perpetual grocery list. While desserts naturally take center stage on her blog, Gayatri also shares her favorite dishes for lunch and dinner.

If someone visited her site, definitely she or he will encounter a delightful blend of wholesome elements like fruits and whole wheat flour, alongside generous amounts of chocolate chips and sugar. Gayatri fearlessly shares stories of burnt cakes and tales of tearful mishaps over spilt milk. However, readers will also hear her excitedly squealing about successfully crafting vegetable burgers and celebrating with triumphant high fives over flawlessly executed cheesecakes. Through her blog, Gayatri invites readers to experience a world filled with both culinary adventures and heartwarming narratives.