Planted and Picked

Sandra and Scott are the creators of Planted and Picked, a platform dedicated to sharing plant-based recipes, resources, and ideas to help individuals improve their health and the health of the planet. Their goal is to provide a space for vegans, vegetarians, and those curious about plant-based diets to come together and share a meal. They welcome everyone to their table and hope to inspire positive change through the power of food.

Sandra is a passionate advocate of whole foods plant-based diets, which she discovered through her studies in nutrition. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Health Coach, and has multiple certifications in Ayurveda and Vegan Nutrition. Sandra enjoys sharing her knowledge with others through culinary workshops, developing healthy recipes, and counseling women on how to balance their bodies and lives. She believes in the importance of continuing to follow one's passions as they can lead to unexpected opportunities and growth.

Scott is a photographer and responsible for the technical aspects of He is passionate about creating visually appealing food that satisfies both the palate and the nutritional needs. Scott's journey towards a whole foods plant-based diet started with his desire to eat clean, feel his best, and maintain his physical and mental strength for running long distances. He found that his endurance improved when he fueled his body with nutritious food. Since then, Scott has run nine marathons on plant power. He believes that enjoying food and sharing mealtimes is essential to bringing people together.