Sunhouse Craft Blog

Sunhouse Craft was established by designer and maker Cynthia, who aimed to bring together her background as a fabricator and her commitment to sustainable and harmonious methods of work. Cynthia was later joined by Doug Stubbs, and together they craft each piece by hand in their Kentucky studio. The works produced by Sunhouse Craft are unique in their combination of Appalachian crafting traditions, natural materials, and timeless design, creating tools that bring a touch of magic to everyday work.

In addition, she is an artist and maker whose work focuses on connecting people and the land through craft. Her expertise in woodworking and traditional craft techniques is evident in her work, which often employs these techniques as the foundation. She is deeply passionate about nature and dedicates much of her work to creating a more verdant and connected future through sustainable sourcing and meaningful employment.

Through this website, she is committed to sustainability and is working to help regenerate a thriving local economy by sourcing raw materials from local forests and farms, tanneries, and sustainable suppliers.