Michele is from the Washington, DC area and presents herself as a wife and mother of one who endeavors to write inspirational and encouraging articles while keeping sane through crochet and exploring the world around her. Throughout her life, she has demonstrated a strong desire to learn and create while giving to others. Her website provides her with an opportunity to combine her interests and share her knowledge with the community. Her objective is to use the website as a platform to share various resources on a wide range of topics with those who may not have the time to research them themselves. She welcomes the audience to join her on this journey and looks forward to receiving feedback on topics of interest and recommended resources to be added to her articles.

Michele's goal is to provide the audience with a wealth of information and resources on topics they may be interested in but do not have the time to research. By combining her passion for writing, crocheting, and learning, she aims to create a website that serves as a hub of knowledge and inspiration. Furthermore, she desires to show her child new and fun ways to grow and learn about the world around them and the importance of giving back to others. Through this journey, Michele is confident that she will be able to build connections within the community and foster a sense of growth and learning for all.