In 2014, Pumpkin N Spice was born with the purpose of providing quick, easy, and delectable recipes for everyone. Whether you're a busy parent, a working adult, or simply seeking dishes that won't require hours in the kitchen, you'll find a wide range of sweet treats, savory meals, zesty appetizers, and refreshing drinks on this blog.

Gayle is the creator of Pumpkin N Spice is a self-taught cook with a passion for culinary experimentation. Without any formal culinary training, she has honed her skills through trial and error, along with the guidance of cookbooks and websites. The recipes shared on the blog are either her original creations or beloved favorites from other talented bakers.

Residing in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband, the blogger's heart belongs to New York City. While Chicago remains her home, she dreams of living in NYC or the sunny states of California and Hawaii. With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Education, she embarked on her blogging journey to combine her love for being in the kitchen with her passion for writing.

What started as a hobby after college quickly transformed into a true passion. Cooking and baking became her creative outlet, and she embraced any opportunity to whip up decadent desserts and experiment with savory dishes. Inspired by food blogs she followed, she decided to share her own creations with readers, which led her to the fulfilling path of being a full-time blogger.

Pumpkin N Spice offers a diverse array of recipes, ranging from indulgent sweets to satisfying main courses. Occasionally, readers will also find healthy, gluten-free, and vegetarian options. The focus is on delicious treats that can be prepared with minimal effort and ingredients readily available in local grocery store. It's a blog where culinary delights meet simplicity, inviting readers to savor every bite without the fuss.