Eat Fresh Glow

Jacqui is a dedicated and busy mother of four who wears multiple hats as the creator, recipe developer, and photographer behind the delightful world of Eat Fresh Glow. Her profound love for food extends beyond its mere sustenance. She revels in its textures, aromas, and flavors that compose a truly satisfying meal. Jacqui also cherishes the transformative impact a nourishing meal has on her overall well-being, leaving her feeling invigorated, content, and energized.

In addition, Jacqui endeavors to inspire her audience to embrace a healthier lifestyle through creative and delicious wholesome foods. Her personal odyssey involved modifying her diet to eliminate gluten, refined sugar, and processed foods in response to persistent health challenges stemming from autoimmune and Lyme disease. This transformative change not only restored her health, clarity, and focus but also revealed the radiant glow that emanated from within. Although primarily following a plant-based diet, Jacqui does not identify as strictly vegan or vegetarian, relishing in the benefits of consuming organic, local, pasture-raised, and grass-fed foods, including meats.

Within Jacqui's recipes, one will not find gluten or refined sugar. Instead, expect a tantalizing array of wholesome dishes designed to keep you energized and nourished. Sharing nourishing meals with her family and friends brings her immense joy, as she curates satisfying culinary experiences using minimal ingredients that brim with flavor and texture.

Jacqui's culinary creations are designed to be accessible and effortless to follow. Her journey through the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and the Academy of Culinary Nutrition equips her with a unique blend of nutritional expertise and real-world practicality, enabling her to cater to the needs of a family while incorporating health-conscious practices.

By sourcing fresh vegetables from her garden, exploring local farmers' markets, or selecting organic options at the grocery store, Jacqui invites you to embark on a culinary adventure, where together, we create healthy, delectable meals that can be shared with loved ones.