Susan is the creative mind behind this blog, faces a common dilemma when asked to introduce herself. The challenge lies in providing a concise response, which she finds quite difficult. Susan admits to disliking this question because she struggles to come up with a succinct answer despite her attempts to develop a personal elevator pitch.

In an attempt to understand her own uniqueness, Susan often convinces herself that she cannot be fully explained and must be experienced firsthand. However, the reality is that she is a fascinating amalgamation of diverse experiences, hobbies, and interests. Summarizing her essence in a brief statement proves challenging due to the richness of her background. Instead of stumbling through an incomplete explanation of "Who I Am," Susan has chosen to share a series of random tidbits that offer glimpses into her multifaceted persona.

Susan's YouTube channel serves as a delightful platform where she showcases her exceptional talent for creating original recipes. As the mastermind behind the esteemed food blog Rhubarb & Cod, Susan's goal is not only to teach new techniques but also to inspire her audience to step out of their culinary comfort zones. With each recipe, she aims to encourage her viewers to make the dishes their own, fostering a sense of creativity and adventure in the kitchen. By pushing boundaries and exploring new flavors, Susan invites her audience to embark on a culinary journey that transcends mere recipes, elevating cooking into an art form.