Sophie, introduces herself and immediately clarifies that she is not a yogi. She is not someone who practices yoga or meditates daily, nor does she pray five times a day. She has never been to India, and she is not a vegan. Furthermore, she expresses her dislike for chai tea and admits that she only drinks alcohol on special occasions.

Sophie is not particularly flexible and sometimes feels unsure if she is performing a yoga pose correctly. Despite her efforts, she has not yet mastered a handstand and struggles with the "knees-chest-chin" pose due to neck pain. Sophie also acknowledges that she does not have a six-pack abs, and she has several fears, including frogs, snakes, and fishes. She is afraid of making mistakes and always seeks approval. Sophie explains that she is neither spiritual nor religious and does not believe that yoga is a religion. Lastly, she bravely shares that she is facing infertility.

Sophie's candid introduction highlights that she is not the stereotypical yogi, which can be refreshing to those who feel intimidated by the image of a perfect yogi. Despite her limitations, Sophie still practices yoga, which shows her dedication to the practice. She is honest about her struggles with certain poses and her fear of making mistakes, which can be relatable to many people. Sophie's openness about her infertility struggles can also be empowering to those who face similar challenges. Through her introduction, Sophie demonstrates that yoga is not just for the flexible, spiritual or religious, but for anyone who wants to improve their physical and mental well-being.

Sophie's admission that she does not believe that yoga is a religion is an essential distinction to make, as many people conflate yoga with religion. It is important to acknowledge that yoga has roots in Hinduism and other religions but has evolved into a more secular practice in modern times. Additionally, Sophie's bravery in sharing her infertility struggles can help break the taboo around infertility and encourage others to speak up about their experiences.