Andrea, an Italian cookbook writer, and food photographer have a deep passion for cooking. Her ultimate goal is to assist people in creating simple and delectable meals. Before her culinary career, Andrea worked as a marketing manager. However, she decided to swap her SEO, analytics, marketing strategies, and PR work for food processors, oven gloves, and cookbooks and became a food and travel blogger, known as The Petite Cook. She carries her camera wherever she goes, capturing numerous mouth-watering food adventures.

The Petite Cook was established by Andrea to document her adventurous foodie life and share her kitchen experiments. For over two years, she worked as a recipe developer for an international recipe app. When the project was closed, her former manager and now close friend, urged her to start a blog, which resulted in The Petite Cook. The blog has rapidly gained popularity and is now her full-time job. Since 2015, The Petite Cook has been recognized as one of the top food blogs in the UK, which Andrea is grateful for. She expresses her gratitude for the constant support her family has given her throughout her incredible journey.