Pam, a passionate gardener residing in Austin, Texas, is the author of the blog. Pam describes herself as a spiky-plant lover, hoping-for-rain, dirt-under-her-nails kind of gardener who shares her love for gardening with her readers through her blog. Her blog is dedicated to providing gardening enthusiasts with insightful information about gardens, plant life, design tips, and how-to gardening instructions, which she has learned both in her own garden and through her travels.

Pam's goal is to connect her readers to nature and provide them with a sense of connectedness to the world of gardening. Her blog features photographs of beautiful plants, virtual garden tours, and real-life plant information that are sure to delight both dirt-under-the-nails types and armchair gardeners alike. Pam believes that her readers will find a wealth of gardening goodness in her blog, and she is committed to sharing all the gardening tips and tricks she can dig up from wherever she goes.