Maple + Mango is a blog created by Vanessa, a passionate advocate for real food and balanced living. Based in Kelowna, BC, Canada, Vanessa shares her journey and experiences with her husband and two children. The blog's name reflects her love for both Canada and Australia, representing her connection to her home country and the tropical flavors she discovered during her time in Brisbane.

Vanessa's interest in real food and health blossomed when she became a mother, driving her to explore the impact of wholesome ingredients on her family's well-being. Maple + Mango offers a balanced and inclusive approach to wellness, rejecting strict diets and promoting simplicity and authenticity. Vanessa aims to inspire and educate her readers, empowering them to make conscious choices for their health and enjoy a joyful relationship with nourishment.

Through her blog, Vanessa provides a sanctuary where readers can find inspiration, education, and support on their wellness journey. By focusing on real, whole foods and embracing a balanced perspective, Maple + Mango encourages individuals to prioritize their well-being while savoring the joys of life. With Vanessa as their guide, readers can navigate the world of nutrition and discover the transformative power of wholesome ingredients.