The Yumcha Mama

Aussie Mum, the author of this personal blog expresses gratitude to its visitors. She is an Australian mother and voice-over actress, she resides in Singapore with her husband, who is a local Singaporean, and their daughter. While she does not consider herself an expat mother, she often finds herself navigating between two cultures, allowing for a unique perspective on motherhood.

As a first-time mother at an older age, she has experienced immense joy and numerous challenges. With the aim of helping fellow mothers make their lives easier and avoid some of the mistakes she has made, she shares personal insights and tips on her blog

Aussie covers a range of topics, including her homeschooling journey, her daughter's Suzuki violin classes, and reviews of various playgroups and classes. Additionally, she shares her experience with Classical Stretch, her passion for belly dance, her thoughts on home decorating, and how to create a warm, cozy, and inviting home.

Furthermore, as a personal blog, readers can expect to find a variety of content that captures the author's interest and passions. She uses this platform as a creative and fun outlet, hoping to provide an enjoyable experience for her readers.