Biting at the Bits

Kelly has a strong passion for food and enjoys discovering new places to eat. Although she currently works as a chef, she initially pursued design and marketing and worked in advertising in New York City before resigning to pursue her true passion of cooking for families and helping them eat healthier meals at home. Over the years, Kelly has had the opportunity to work on various food-related projects and collaborate with other talented individuals. As an avid learner, she is always experimenting with new ingredients and techniques to hone her craft.

Drawing from her extensive experience cooking for families and teaching people how to cook, Kelly hopes to share valuable insights with her readers to help them improve their cooking skills and make healthier meal choices. Through her website, she aspires to inspire people to cook delicious meals in their own kitchens and get kids involved in the process. While continuing to develop her site, Kelly's short-term objective is to encourage more people to cook tasty meals at home and promote a culture of family bonding and learning in the kitchen.