Nourishing Excellence

Holly Morello is a passionate functional nutritional therapy practitioner with a focus on helping individuals and families who are struggling with various challenges, including ADHD, anxiety, behavioral issues, depression, and digestive problems. She recognizes the importance of addressing the root cause of her client's issues and utilizes food as medicine and targeted nutritional therapy to help them heal and lead their best lives. With a strong background in clinical testing for gut health, hormones, food sensitivities, and nutritional blood chemistry, Holly is equipped with advanced skills to provide effective care to her clients.

Additionally, as a wife and mother of three nearly grown sons, she has a unique understanding of the various challenges that individuals and families face and offers a supportive and empathetic approach.

When not working, Holly enjoys an active lifestyle and engages in activities such as running, skiing, hiking, reading, and spending time with her family and friends. Additionally, she is an advocate of safer personal and body care products.