The Digital Mom is a blog that is managed and owned by Molly, a tech-savvy mother who refers to herself as Digital Mom. Molly cordially invites viewers to explore the channel and broaden their knowledge of technology suitable for families. Digital Mom introduces her family, who are tech enthusiasts and gamers that love to travel and experiment with various gadgets. Their household is a lively and bustling one, consisting of four children and two dogs. The channel primarily focuses on technology-related topics that are suitable for families. These topics include app reviews, Minecraft, screen time management, and more.

In addition, Digital Mom Blog emphasizes that it is a family-friendly channel and is enthusiastic about interacting with its audience. Furthermore, Digital Mom Blog is also a digital lifestyle blog.

Molly prioritizes providing a non-judgmental space for parents to connect with their children, technology, and life. In 2009, Digital Mom began sharing her experiences with social media and raising digital kids, which led to the channel's inception. Over the past twelve years, her blog has grown significantly, and the creators are excited to continue sharing their knowledge and insights with their viewers.

Furthermore, Molly has a keen interest in technology and parenting and enjoys sharing their perspectives with their audience. The blog's content includes featured products that could be beneficial to its audience, and humor is a common theme throughout the channel.