Amy is a recipe developer, content creator, cookbook author, and mother of three. She understands the challenges and stresses of feeding toddlers and aims to provide reassurance, encouragement, easy recipes, and tips to make feeding a family more manageable. Her goal is to raise children who can eat a wide range of foods and are in tune with their hunger and fullness.

Furthermore, Amy does not label desserts or treats as “good” or “bad” and does not worry excessively about sugar. She believes it is possible to cook one family meal and adjust it for everyone at the table as needed. Amy also recognizes that feeding a family is a lot of work and encourages taking shortcuts where possible.

Amy trusts that her children’s intake will balance out over a week and focuses on flavor and the benefits of wholesome foods. Amy also guides families going through the normal phase of children being more fearful of new foods. By normalizing the struggles, she hopes to help families have happier meals.