Loving It Vegan

Alison is an accomplished home cook and baker, who is passionate about creating delicious vegan food. She serves as the voice, and the main cook and baker behind the website. Alison is a graduate of the University of Cape Town, where she majored in English Literature and History. Although she never envisioned a career as a vegan recipe creator at the time, Alison's lifelong love of cooking and baking has led her down this path.

Over the course of 25 years, Alison has honed her skills in the kitchen, experimenting with new flavors and techniques. Her journey began in 1999 when she became a vegetarian, and subsequently started creating flavorful meat-free meals. When Alison met her husband Jaye in 2004, they embarked on a vegan food adventure together, spending countless hours in the kitchen, perfecting recipes that are as simple as possible for the everyday cook and baker. Alison's recipes are tested and re-tested to ensure that they are easy to follow and yield perfect results every time.