Brian, originally from Birmingham, UK, embarked on an adventurous journey in 2008 when he and his wife moved to rural Hungary. Their spontaneous decision, fueled by a music festival and a few drinks, led them to purchase a house, leave their jobs, and immerse themselves in a self-sufficient lifestyle. After years of enjoying the good life, they returned to the UK in 2021, bringing along a wealth of Hungarian recipes. Brian noticed a lack of cooking resources tailored for two people, which inspired him to create a platform to fill this gap.

His website offers recipes specifically designed for couples, with a focus on minimizing food waste and providing options for repurposing leftovers. Brian's love for food stems from its cultural significance and the influences brought by people as they travel. His recipes draw inspiration from a variety of global cuisines, occasionally featuring unfamiliar ingredients. Brian is always willing to help and suggest substitutes for any less familiar items.

Brian believes that dining at home should be a special experience, regardless of the dish's simplicity or complexity. He does not adhere to diets or offer health advice but aims to create food that tastes great. While he may playfully mock inquiries about fitting his recipes into current diet trends, his main focus remains on the enjoyment of good food above all else.