Leap of Faith Crafting

Amy, hailing from Sacramento, California, is a creative blogger who started her blog in 2016. Her aim is to inspire people to be creative and to prove that anyone can be crafty. Despite not having a background in design or having taken many classes, Amy has learned through reading blogs, and books, and observing others. She has a biochemistry degree and previously worked as an Optometrist, making her math and science-oriented. However, being a 40-something retired Optometrist, she is a testament to the fact that anyone can be crafty and use power tools. As an introvert and homebody, Amy loves to craft and personalize things and give heartfelt, customized gifts.

Additionally, Amy loves dogs and is a Christian, with family being the most important thing to her. Despite her love of crafting, she hates flying, and if she could have one superpower, she would choose the ability to teleport. Finally, she is a fan of glitter and often has paint or stain on her clothes, and she loves power tools.