Food with Feeling

Brita is the owner and multi-talented creative behind this blog, having started it in 2013 with the original intent of creating a lifestyle blog. However, after discovering her love for taking pictures of food, she pivoted toward recipe development and food photography. Brita enjoys creating new and unique recipes and welcomes suggestions from her readers. Her current mission is to perfect the recipe for vegan cookies.

Brita has a particular love for carbs, especially pasta, and bread, as she is half Italian. She also has a fondness for Bailey's Irish Cream, which she considers the best drink ever invented. Although she was once a vegetarian, her pregnancy cravings led her back to consuming meat, although she strives to eat it sparingly. While her blog does feature some healthy and light dishes, the main focus is on providing her readers with delicious and enjoyable recipes that they will want to share with others. Brita recognizes the importance of food in our communities and culture and aims to embrace that through her blog.