Don't Waste the Crumbs

Tiffany holds a strong belief in Christianity. She strives to be a faithful and responsible steward of all the blessings bestowed upon her. Tiffany attributes her success in overcoming debt to her ability to manage even the smallest of resources wisely. As she embarked on a journey to eat real food on a budget, she received encouragement from readers, which inspired her to help others begin their own path toward healthy living. Her blog, Crumbs, serves as an uplifting platform dedicated to assisting families to enjoy nutritious meals and improve their overall well-being, without incurring excessive costs. Tiffany emphasizes that this process is not instant, but a gradual and ongoing journey towards betterment achieved through taking small steps at a time.

This blog provides an array of practical posts that cover various topics, including food, natural living, and personal finance. Among the regular content that Tiffany shares are free monthly meal plans, simple do-it-yourself tutorials, articles on natural living, kitchen tips and tricks, frugal recipes, and money-saving advice. Through her blog, Tiffany aims to motivate and support others in adopting a healthier lifestyle, while empowering them to make informed and sustainable choices.