Lindsay is the driving force behind Pinch of Yum, a blog that showcases fresh and flavorful recipes. The blog started as a casual hobby over a decade ago while Lindsay was employed as a fourth-grade teacher, but it has since developed into a thriving business that reaches millions of people every month. With a passion for cooking and a desire to share her recipes with a wider audience, Lindsay is constantly creating new and innovative dishes for her readers.

Her ultimate goal is to inspire people to cook and make great memories by sharing meals with friends and family. In addition to her love for cooking, Lindsay is also fond of a big plate of pad Thai, sunny days, and visiting the dog park.

On Pinch of Yum, Lindsay shares healthy and easy-to-make recipes that she personally enjoys eating in her daily life. Her aim is to provide readers with food that is both exciting and approachable, regardless of whether they are cooking for themselves, their family, roommates, or friends. She aspires to ignite a spark of excitement in her readers, encouraging them to eagerly anticipate the end of the workday so they can start cooking.