Motherhood and Merlot

Joanna is the proud owner of this blog that is dedicated to rediscovering oneself after motherhood. Each post is focused on a specific aspect of her life as a woman and her journey of self-discovery since becoming a mother. She invites her readers to join her on this journey. Besides this, she has the promise to cover topics related to motherhood, parenting, mental and physical health, style, beauty, and more. Joanna intends to enjoy as much wine as possible while doing it.

In addition, Joanna hopes that her readers will find fun, relaxation, and even a little bit of diversion while reading her blog, and appreciate the unique journey that they are all on. She encourages her readers to leave comments to let her know what they think, and if there is a particular topic that they would like her to cover. She also asks her readers to share her blog with their friends.

Joanna is a strong believer in empowering and lifting up other women, and she values the friendships that form while living life alongside each other. She invites her readers to rediscover themselves with her in this crazy adventure that is womanhood.