Safira, the talented recipe developer, photographer, and writer behind the culinary blog Tiffin and Tea. She is dedicated to sharing accessible global recipes and delightful baking creations that cater to home cooks. Her true passion lies in empowering individuals to gain confidence in the kitchen, a skill that develops with practice and experience. This blog serves as a reflection of our evolving eating habits and culinary preferences.

At Tiffin and Tea, they embrace a variety of recipe categories, including fast and easy dishes for busy weekdays that never compromise on flavor, healthy and fresh recipes crafted from pantry staples, and creative recipes that effortlessly blend ingenuity with delectable taste.

All the recipes featured on Tiffin and Tea are carefully crafted using everyday ingredients. In the event that a specific ingredient is unavailable, Safira always provides suitable alternatives. Along the culinary journey, you'll find an abundance of helpful tips and tricks to personalize and adapt each recipe according to your preferences.

The inspiration behind the name Tiffin and Tea stems from Safira's personal experiences. During a period of intense struggle with her mental health, she discovered solace and relief in the therapeutic aspects of baking and cooking. Tiffin, a term associated with both her love for tea and the nostalgic act of preparing packed meals for her husband, resonated deeply. Moreover, it evoked memories of her desire to embark on numerous culinary adventures.

Safira's culinary expertise was honed over time, as she initially possessed only rudimentary cooking skills prior to her marriage. However, her determination and passion led her to acquire a diverse repertoire of dishes while finding immense joy in the process. This journey of culinary exploration also played a pivotal role in mending her relationship with food.

Throughout her life, Safira draws inspiration from her mother, an unwavering source of creativity and delicious cuisine. Despite facing financial hardships, her mother's resourcefulness always ensured the family enjoyed the finest meals. The recipes shared on Tiffin and Tea reflect this spirit and are influenced by diverse global cuisines. Alongside these culinary delights, you'll also discover delightful bread recipes and indulgent desserts that showcase Safira's love for baking, where simple ingredients undergo magical transformations.

Safira's insatiable hunger for knowledge is satisfied through voracious reading, avid consumption of cooking shows, and following expert chefs to uncover new tips and tricks. Although her bookshelf may need a decluttering, there are certain culinary gems, such as "Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat," that will forever hold a cherished place.

Believing that food should be thoroughly enjoyed, Safira emphasizes the importance of moderation in their approach to eating. Whether indulging in a hearty chicken salad or relishing the sweet temptation of cookie dough, they celebrate the diversity of flavors and balance it brings to their lives.

As time passed, Tiffin and Tea has evolved alongside Safira's personal growth. Their current culinary preferences and way of eating have been shaped by continuous learning and understanding what truly works for them. With utmost gratitude, Safira welcomes you into their virtual kitchen and home, hoping you'll discover a multitude of recipes that resonate with your tastes and preferences.