Penny's Recipes

Penny is the founder of Penny's Recipes, a website dedicated to sharing her favorite simple, fresh and economical recipes for readers to cook. Her aim is to provide delicious meals that don't require too much time in the kitchen, particularly for those with busy lives. In 2011, Penny was frustrated by the complicated nature of many television chefs and cookery books, which inspired her to start the website. While she acknowledges the place for artistic and time-consuming dishes, she believes that most people want easy-to-prepare, low-cost, and delicious everyday meals.

Penny is an ordinary woman who has brought up children, managed on a small budget and cares about having good food without putting too much burden on the earth's resources. Though she is not a trained chef or cordon bleu cook, Penny hopes that by sharing her favorite recipes, readers can benefit from her cooking experiences. Some of the recipes are from when she was bringing up her family, while others are more recent.

As a retiree, Penny wants to spend her time doing things she loves like walking, pottery, reading, and knitting, rather than spending too much time in the kitchen. She hopes that readers of her website will enjoy cooking at home and find inspiration to try new recipes and share their own ideas.