Bakers Tabled

Bakers Table is a culinary haven curated by Traci and her daughter Caylie. Traci, a retired chef, restauranteur, and caterer, brings her wealth of experience to the forefront, while Caylie serves as the talented photographer, co-writer, and discerning taste tester. Together, they embark on a shared dream of sharing their love for food with the world. Traci's son, Ian, prefers to work behind the scenes, taking charge of dish duty and offering his expert opinions as a remarkable food critic.

Although Bakers Table predominantly focuses on the art of baking, Traci's true passion, the blog extends its offerings to include weeknight dinners, delectable snacks, and occasional appetizers. The evolution of Bakers Table since its inception in 2018 is evident, transitioning from a platform dedicated to sharing cherished family recipes to a dynamic blog that presents new and exciting culinary creations on a weekly basis.

With Traci's culinary expertise and Caylie's artistic eye, Bakers Table promises a collection of easy yet impressive recipes that cater to all taste buds. Whether you seek the perfect cake, a comforting weeknight meal, or a delightful snack, this blog is a destination brimming with culinary inspiration. Join Traci, Caylie, and their team as they invite you into their kitchen and share the joys of creating and savoring exceptional dishes that embody their passion for food and their dedication to culinary excellence.