Middle Aged Mama is a blog that caters to the needs of middle-aged women and is authored by Janet, a middle-aged woman herself. Janet aims to help her readers learn to create a new and exciting life after their children have grown up. She is a successful businesswoman, a cat lover, and a proud mother of the bride. Despite being in the middle-aged group, Janet hasn't lost her interest in fashion and strives to look stylish at all times.

In addition, Janet’s interests include chick-lit, chocolate, and cruising holidays. With the constant support of her husband of over 30 years and sometimes the children and their partners, Janet shares her life experiences and fashion tips with her readers.

Through Middle Aged Mama, Janet aims to inspire her readers to live their lives to the fullest, even after their children have left home. The blog covers a range of topics, including fashion, lifestyle, and personal growth, to help women create fulfilling and exciting life in their middle years.

Furthermore, Janet's aim is to provide her readers with a source of inspiration and support as they navigate the challenges of middle age. With her extensive life experience and unique perspective, she hopes to help women find new opportunities and discover new passions that they may have previously overlooked.