Gena is a food blogger, recipe developer, and cookbook author. She provides a space that features vegan recipes, reflections on mindfulness and self-care, and resources to promote an informed and compassionate relationship with food. Throughout her decade of blogging, Gena has developed an appreciation for food as both a source of pleasure and nourishment. Her recipes prioritize wholesomeness, while still being created with a sense of enjoyment and an understanding that not every ingredient must serve a nutritional purpose.

Additionally, Gena publishes a weekend reading post each Sunday that offers personal insights and articles on medicine, science, and the human experience. These posts emphasize the notion that health and wellness encompass more than just what we consume.

Aside from her work as a blogger, Gena is also an experienced registered dietitian (RD) who has counseled clients on nutrition for nearly a decade. Those who are interested in her services can learn more about them on her website. Through her online presence, Gena aspires to empower individuals to embrace their appetites and celebrate food, one recipe at a time.