Skinny Comfort

Kasey is a home cook and full-time engineer who creates recipes for easy, low-calorie comfort food. She has successfully lost about 50 pounds and maintained her healthy weight for nearly 7 years through her food philosophy called "Skinny Comfort". She believes it is possible to enjoy the foods one loves while maintaining a healthy weight. By swapping for lower-calorie ingredients and watching her portion sizes, Kasey was able to lose weight without feeling like she is depriving herself of the foods she loves.

Kasey developed a food philosophy that works for her, which is based on creating lightened-up versions of comfort foods that she actually enjoys. She shares her slimmed-down comfort food recipes on her blog to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle without becoming "health nuts". Her favorite foods include cheese, ice cream, and pasta, and she believes that cutting calories while still enjoying one's favorite foods is possible.

Besides cooking, Kasey loves traveling and spending time outdoors. She stays active by doing activities like mountain biking, hiking, and kayaking, which helps her stay in decent shape while having fun.