Corporette is a women's fashion and lifestyle blog targeting women in high-achieving professions, such as lawyers, bankers, MBAs, and consultants, who strive to maintain a professional yet fashionable look. Kat Griffin, initially started the site anonymously while working as a litigator at a Wall Street law firm in May 2008. In April 2010, she began focusing on the blog full-time. The site has garnered numerous mentions in the press and has built a community of respectful and intelligent professional women.

Kat serves as the founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief of Corporette created the blog after recognizing that young professional women share commonalities in their internet habits, often spending hours online due to long work hours or significant downtime. Having experienced fashion mishaps herself, Griffin wanted to provide a space for professional women to find work-appropriate, stylish attire. Today, she is a busy mother of two sons and also manages her blog babies, Corporette and CorporetteMoms.