It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken

The author of the blog is Sam, who came from a family with a passion for food, including chefs, butchers, and hunters. Initially, Sam never considered going vegan, but after making an abrupt change, the author embarked on a mission to become the best vegan possible. By veganizing classic comfort foods, Sam discovered a newfound love for veganism and firmly believes that any recipe can be adapted to a vegan version that is just as delicious, if not better than the original.

Having always had a passion for cooking, Sam began researching vegan recipes and stocked up on ingredients such as arrowroot starch, brown rice syrup, xylitol, guar gum, spelt, hemp, and other specialty items. Although many vegan recipes that Sam encountered were tedious and time-consuming, requiring hours of preparation, dehydration, and straining, Sam found inspiration in the challenge of creating satisfying and flavorful vegan meals that were just as easy to make as non-vegan options.

In addition, her enthusiasm for veganism grew as they realized the many benefits of the lifestyle, including improved health, increased energy, and greater overall happiness. Sam's passion for creating vegan recipes led them to document their creations, taking quick snaps on their phone before sharing their recipes with friends and family online. The positive feedback received encouraged Sam to continue creating and sharing vegan recipes, ultimately leading to a successful career in creating approachable and delicious vegan meals that appeal to everyone.