Jane is a food writer, photographer, and blogger, whose aim is to provide readers with a source of fun, laughter, confidence, and knowledge to cook and bake whatever they fancy. Since November 2014, Jane has been running her blog, which she loves more and more with each passing year. After training as a chef, she realized that writing about food would be the ideal career for her. Prior to starting her blog, Jane held various jobs, including recruitment for Christmas grottos, barista, customer service, admin, and finance. While she has had several jobs at a young age, she had not yet found her calling until now.

Jane had originally planned to start blogging to document her journey through cookery school. However, due to the intensity of the course, she could not keep up with herself, let alone start a blog. Her favorite aspect of the course was the sweeter side of things, and she decided to start her blog after graduating. Baking is her life, and her blog has become her passion. Jane bakes every day she can, whether it be for her friends, family, or herself, and loves to invent and test new recipes. While she prefers savory food, she researches new recipes and concepts daily, experiments, and tests them to bring the best results to her readers. Jane tries recipes from celebrity chefs, other food bloggers, and any other sources she comes across. While some experimentation may not work out, others receive positive feedback from her trusty taste testers. As an avid baker, Jane uses many different cookbooks and has a vast collection.