My Kitchen Little

Lauren is a skilled professional in the field of home cooking. Having gained over 15 years of experience working with food, she is an expert in creating delicious yet simple recipes for fellow home cooks. Lauren finds great joy in cooking and connecting with other passionate food enthusiasts, which is the main objective of her blog, My Kitchen Little, established in 2019 as a helpful resource for home cooks.

Based in Charleston, SC, Lauren is a well-rounded food blogger, cookbook author, food photographer, and stylist. Her dedication to food is evident as she spends much of her time experimenting with different ways to work with it. Lauren is known for her critically acclaimed memoir-style cookbook, Smoke, Roots, Mountain, Harvest (Chronicle Books, May 2019), and her cooking blog, Harvest and Honey, which was nominated for a Saveur Magazine award and won the IACP award for best culinary blog. The recipes shared on My Kitchen Little are designed to be both efficient and practical for busy and budget-conscious cooks. Lauren believes that it is entirely possible to prepare delicious, fresh, and flavorful meals without overspending. Most of the recipes on her blog are made with a minimal list of ingredients, relying on classic pantry staples and fresh produce.

Furthermore, Lauren’s philosophy is reflected in her blog, which is purely dedicated to recipes, while also offering readers helpful tips and tricks to enhance their cooking skills. Lauren’s desire to explore the world through its flavors and recipes is also evident on her blog. She aims to share recipes and ingredients from different cultures worldwide and celebrate them in the best way possible. Her goal is to inspire her readers to delve deeper into each culture’s foods, learn about them, and support them, much like she does.