Linda and Alex are a mother-daughter team who made a joint decision to transition to a vegan lifestyle five years ago. Their reasons for doing so were multifaceted, including health and environmental concerns, but were primarily driven by their love for animals. They swiftly delved into the vegan world and began reimagining their favorite recipes using plant-based ingredients, and thus their blog, Veganosity, was born.

Their blog serves as a space to connect with readers and share their cherished family recipes. Both Linda and Alex have roots in Southern and Midwestern cuisine, respectively, and draw inspiration from classic comfort foods. Linda's upbringing featured buttermilk biscuits, ribs, and garlic mashed potatoes, while Alex's favorite dishes include buffalo chicken dip, burgers, and a variety of vegan cookies. Together, they have combined their skills and passions to create some of the most delectable vegan comfort food recipes available.