Eileen, who resides in the mid-Southern United States, is a music graduate with bachelor's and master's degrees in music (performance), and a master's degree in applied science, with a focus on Active Sound Cancellation (noise control). Having worked as a performing musician and a university-level math teacher, she has also served as a proofreader, gradually climbing the ranks in the publishing industry. Eileen recently retired from a nonprofit organization that provided health services to impoverished women.

As a hobby, Eileen has developed a passion for dog training, having experienced the positive impact of force-free training methods. She offers freelance fact-checking services on behavior science and acoustics topics, as well as freelance editing services for non-fiction and fiction works. Besides this, she teaches a writing mentorship program once or twice a year through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. Her blog provides insights into dog training and behavior science, including videos of dogs learning behaviors, as well as personal experiences with problem-solving and communication in training.

Eileen's extensive background in teaching, curriculum design, technical writing, and making technology accessible to laypeople has honed their problem-solving and communication skills, which are beneficial in understanding and executing training problems. Although not an expert trainer, Eileen's approach, including sharing both successes and mistakes, can be valuable for non-professional dog trainers. She hopes to engage in fruitful discussions and learn from their dogs, as well as from their readers and their dogs.