Run Eat Repeat

Get back ten years ago Monica wanted to document her marathon training and food log while also holding herself accountable and then founded the blog. She was struggling with her weight since childhood and sought a way to stay motivated and focused. Despite initially fearing running a full marathon, her desire to challenge herself grew, and she used her blog to keep herself motivated and document her journey.

Monica's blog quickly gained popularity, with a significant following on social media and numerous sponsorship offers, media invitations, and other opportunities. Her passion for running and healthy eating stems from her desire to share her expertise and strategies with others, motivated by the joy it brings her. As someone who has struggled with weight issues herself, Monica recognizes the importance of running and healthy eating in weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Monica empathizes with those who struggle with weight loss and the challenges of dieting. She understands the struggle of hating parts of one's body and the emotions that come after weighing oneself. Her firsthand experience of these challenges enables her to connect with her audience on a personal level and provide practical advice and encouragement. Monica is grateful for her audience's support and happy to share her tips and tricks with them.