Brooklyn Active Mama

Nellie, a born and raised Brooklynite who currently resides in New York City. She is a mother of three and married to her high school sweetheart. Nellie started her website in 2011 while pregnant with her second child, juggling a challenging pregnancy and a full-time corporate job. With a passion for creating content, she enjoys sharing recipes, printables, and fitness tips, particularly catering to busy moms.

Fitness has always been a constant in Nellie's life, and she is devoted to working out daily. She finds inspiration from her Peloton Bike, Treadmill, and Row machine, being an avid fan of the Peloton brand. Unexpectedly, family obligations compelled Nellie to leave her high-paying corporate job and focus on her website.

Running Brooklyn Active Mama has become her full-time job, bringing her immense joy and pride. Nellie's culinary skills have thrived, with hundreds of shared recipes, including contributions from her talented team of chefs. From breakfast to dessert, she offers easy recipes to satisfy everyone's appetite.

Furthermore, Nellie is also a volunteer consultant for the non-profit Global Humanity Network. Through her website, she seeks to connect with like-minded moms who share her love for cooking, organization, and self-care through fitness.