Sweet Humble Home

Jeannine is a person who thoroughly enjoys a good party and the art of entertaining. She relishes the opportunity to gather around the table with loved ones and shares her passion for easy party planning and decorating through her website, Sweet Humble Home. Her website features a vast array of resources for anyone looking to plan a memorable gathering, including shared family recipes, delectable treats, and step-by-step instructions on how to bring it all together to share with friends and family.

Jeannine's greatest joy comes from having her family and friends in her home, celebrating just about anything, and spending time around her table. She has a deep-seated belief that any occasion can be made special with a few extra touches, and she shares her best tips and ideas on how to create the perfect atmosphere for any gathering.

Jeannine's passion for thrifty ideas and using what readers have to make their space "feel like you" are evident, and she hopes to inspire others to do the same. Although she admits to having had her fair share of epic fails over the years, she has learned that even the simplest of gatherings requires careful planning.