Expat Heather

The blog is authored by Heather, who currently holds the position of Applied Learning Coordinator & Accreditation Coordinator at Korea International School in South Korea. Before this, Heather served as Deputy Head of School and Syracuse University adjunct Writing instructor at ISHCMC – American Academy in Vietnam. She has also taught English Language Arts in Pakistan and India. Heather currently resides in South Korea and travels with her two elementary-age children.

Heather's passion for traveling and exploring new cultures began during her university years when she lived in Morocco as a study-abroad student for a year. After graduating from UMass Amherst with a BA in Linguistics and Middle Eastern Studies, Heather bought a one-way ticket to Lahore, Pakistan where she worked in education development and international education for three years.

Following her experience in Pakistan, Heather continued to pursue her passion for education and travel by living in Vietnam, India, and South Korea. Throughout her journeys, Heather has acquired valuable insights into various educational systems and has developed a unique perspective on teaching and learning. In this blog, she shares her experiences as an expat educator, offering tips and advice for those interested in pursuing a career in international education or for those who simply want to learn more about life as an expat.

Heather's extensive experience in education development and international education has allowed her to understand the challenges and rewards of teaching in different countries. She believes that the experiences gained from living in different cultures can significantly enhance an educator's perspective and contribute to their personal and professional growth. Through her blog, Heather aims to inspire and encourage educators and individuals to embrace new experiences, learn from different cultures, and explore the world beyond their comfort zone.