Angie's website serves as her personal space on the internet, where she shares her love for food and travel. She spends the majority of her time creating new recipes and daydreaming about exploring new destinations. Her website features an assortment of southern dishes that she has gathered from her grandmother's recipe boxes, along with anecdotes from her travels throughout the country. Despite not growing up with a culinary background, she became passionate about cooking after she got married, even though her childhood did not revolve around food or the kitchen.

In 2009, only two years after getting married, Angie and her husband Thomas were already living in their second house as a result of Thomas' military service. As they prepared to move again, this time back home to Virginia, Angie was struggling to keep her growing collection of recipes organized. She had been jotting them down in a notebook and printing them out, but they were scattered and disorganized. Her love for cooking and the desire to share her recipes with others led her to create her blog, which she has been maintaining since then. She is delighted when friends and family approach her with questions about cooking or baking, and she takes pleasure in sharing her knowledge and experience with others.