Kaluhi is the creator and author of Kaluhi’s Kitchen, a Kenyan food blog that aims to revolutionize meal planning, cooking, eating, and food sharing. She holds a degree in finance and is passionate about cooking and experimenting with food. In her view, food is not just a means of sustenance, but a creative medium through which she paints, plays, and spreads joy to those around her.

Through her blog and YouTube channel, Kaluhi seeks to inspire both novice and experienced cooks to see the kitchen as a common ground. Her goal is to help people discover the fun and ease in cooking, rather than seeing it as a burdensome task. Kaluhi is confident that her recipes will help build kitchen confidence, encourage brilliant cooking, and inspire people to share fantastic meals with loved ones. In addition to cooking, Kaluhi enjoys sleeping, laughing, long walks, intellectual conversations, and space exploration.