Asian Caucasian is a vibrant and inviting food blog. It is the brainchild of Lesli who is an enthusiastic home cook with a deep passion for Asian-inspired cuisine. With a commitment to using fresh, market-sourced ingredients, Lesli shares a delightful array of healthy Asian recipes that will make you bid farewell to those take-out menus.

As a self-taught cook, Lesli candidly admits to her early struggles in the kitchen, especially during the early stages of her marriage. However, her lack of culinary role models growing up didn't deter her from pursuing her love for cooking. Inspired by her father, who effortlessly took charge of the kitchen after Lesli and her sister left for college, she found her motivation and hero in him.

After successfully raising her children while juggling a full-time marketing career, Lesli decided to take her cooking skills up a notch. Immersing herself in endless hours of watching "The Food Network" and exploring various food blogs, she discovered a wellspring of inspiration and new recipes that fueled her passion. Together with her husband, they experienced the joy of preparing Asian cuisine as a culinary team, hosting dinner parties and catering events.

Lesli's mission is to demystify Asian cooking and dispel any apprehensions that people may have about venturing into this flavorful realm. She reassures her readers that there's no need to be intimidated, emphasizing that if you can follow a recipe, you can prepare delicious and healthy Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and all types of Asian cuisine.