Cynthia is a lifestyle blogger whose primary goal is to offer her readers inspiration and guidance to make informed choices regarding fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. Having started as a sixth-grade teacher, she worked her way up to Human Resources, and later to Investor Relations, where she utilized social media as a powerful communication tool to enhance her company's brand recognition and establish connections with potential investors. She found this to be a unique and effective way of connecting with others, unlike any she had ever experienced before.

With her mind full of possibilities, Cynthia now uses her blog to explore and expand on her passions for fashion, beauty, and travel, and share them with her readers. Her blog offers inspiration and ideas to enrich the lives of her followers.

In addition, the Fashion section provides tips and links to access affordable yet luxurious everyday styles, while the Beauty section offers insight into finding the perfect product for a flawless glow. When it's time to explore the world, Cynthia's Travel section provides ideas for personal adventures. Her mission is to share everything she knows and loves because she believes that life is meant to be lived to the fullest.