Food, Folks and Fun

Jillian is the creator and author of this blog that showcases her love for cooking and her dedication to creating delicious meals for her family. With over 30 years of experience in the kitchen, Jillian believes that cooking is more than just putting a meal on a plate. It's a way of expressing love and putting a part of herself into each dish.

Having started her culinary journey at a young age, Jillian has developed a passion for homemade meals and treats as a means of showing her appreciation for others. She takes cooking seriously and ensures that every recipe on her site is rigorously tested before being shared. Her commitment to perfection is evident in recipes like her Cannoli Cream, which underwent over a year and a half of testing and has become one of the most popular recipes on her blog.

Throughout her life, Jillian has lived in various places, and each location has influenced her culinary creations. Since starting Food Folks and Fun in 2010, Jillian has continuously learned and grown, acquiring knowledge in website management, online marketing, recipe creation, and leadership. Her dedication and self-taught expertise have earned her the metaphorical title of having a "master's degree in blogging.".