Easy Budget Recipes

Beth, Jill, and Jess are the incredible trio of sisters-in-law behind Easy Budget Recipes. With a combined experience of over 50 years in cooking, meal planning, and budgeting, they are here to guide a reader on a journey towards easy and affordable meals. Their recipes are designed to serve at least six people, and what sets them apart is their meticulous breakdown of the cost for each recipe, allowing someone to budget their shopping list more efficiently.

At this blog their mission is to not only help a food lover to create delicious meals but also tame the beast that is budgeting. They understand the stress and challenges that come with managing a household budget, and they firmly believe that meal planning is a powerful tool to stay within budget while enjoying quality time with family.

Beyond their culinary adventures, the sisters-in-law have a love for travel and experiencing different cultures. They believe that exploring the world enhances their perspective and enriches their lives. However, they also recognize the importance of budgeting to make their travel dreams a reality. By applying their budgeting principles to their grocery allowance and smart meal prep, they are able to contribute to their travel fund while still enjoying delicious and satisfying meals.