Eileen is a full-time blogger, cookbook writer, and trained pastry chef. With a deep passion for baking that spans her entire life, Eileen's journey started with her beloved Easy Bake Oven, where she eagerly awaited the small cakes baking under a 100-watt light bulb. Realizing her true calling, she left her job as a systems analyst and pursued her dreams by enrolling in pastry school, where she excelled and earned the distinction of valedictorian.

Eileen's professional experience includes working in various culinary settings, such as fine dining restaurants, wholesale bakeries, luxury hotels, retail bakeries, and even a British tea shop. Throughout her career, she has found immense joy in teaching others the art of baking. Firmly believing that anyone can bake from scratch with the right guidance and a good recipe, Eileen sees baking as both an art and a science, emphasizing that it's accessible to all, without the need for rocket science.

Baking Sense is more than just a collection of recipes for Eileen. It serves as a valuable teaching tool, allowing her to share her extensive kitchen experience and recipes with home bakers of all skill levels. Through her blog, she imparts her knowledge and expertise, providing home bakers with the necessary tools to hone their skills and create delicious treats from scratch.