Queen of the Food Age

Sydney, the founder of Queen of the Food Age, is a passionate food lover who enjoys both writing and eating. In 2011, she established her food blog as a means to share her love for food with the world. At the time, she was a post-graduate who had yet to find her career path and began writing about food as a way to earn an allowance from her parents.

Although she does not have any professional culinary training, Sydney's love for food is evident in her writing. She considers herself a food enthusiast and enjoys trying various cuisines, with sushi and Latin American food ranking among her favorites. However, she also has a fondness for Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Chinese, BBQ, and even Taco Bell. Queen of the Food Age is a platform dedicated to all things food, including reviews, news, recipes, quotes, thoughts, and pictures. Sydney hopes to connect with other food enthusiasts who share her passion and love for exploring new culinary experiences.