The Cinnamon Jar

Maretha is a passionate food lover and eternal student of the culinary arts. Her mission is to explore, develop, and share mouthwatering recipes with all those eager to embark on this vast gastronomic journey together.

Through her blog, Maretha aims to inspire fearlessness in the kitchen and empower you to create delectable and memorable meals for your loved ones. You won't need expensive or hard-to-find ingredients, nor any special culinary skills. Maretha firmly believes that with simple, clear guidance and a sprinkle of inspiration, anyone can cook anything.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a diverse culinary experience. Maretha's blog offers a wide array of recipes, spanning different cuisines, courses, time investments, and skill levels.

For Maretha, sharing recipes is not just about providing instructions; it's about preserving cherished memories and passing down treasured traditions. Her upbringing on a farm in the north of South Africa, surrounded by family and the bounties of nature, shaped her culinary journey. Maretha's mother and grandmothers were legendary cooks who demonstrated that even with basic ingredients, magic can be created in the kitchen through thought, effort, and creativity.

Her childhood memories are intertwined with the aromatic allure of cinnamon, which evokes images of her mother's kitchen and delightful treats like cinnamon sugar pancakes, traditional milk tarts, and "soetkoekies." This humble spice jar represents the golden thread that connects her family's culinary traditions. Maretha's blog is dedicated to honoring those traditions, and she holds deep appreciation for the impact they had on her perspective of cooking and baking.