Beyond Kimchee is a culinary blog curated by Holly, extends a warm welcome to all food enthusiasts. Holly, a native Korean mother and wife, takes great pleasure in the art of cooking and invites visitors to indulge in her lip-smacking recipes. With a passion for her Korean heritage and a deep appreciation for global flavors acquired during her extensive travels, Holly's blog showcases a diverse array of delightful dishes.

Born and raised in the picturesque fishing town of Tongyeong, South Korea, Holly's culinary journey began in her hometown's vibrant food culture. Her experiences living in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Argentina, and the United States, along with her family's worldwide adventures, have enriched her palate and influenced her cooking style. In 2010, Holly started her blog as a way to preserve cherished family recipes for her children, ensuring that the flavors of home would always be within their reach.

Holly encompasses over 400 recipes, ranging from authentic Korean dishes to Chinese, Southeast Asian, and other global cuisines. Whether it's her popular Korean chicken bulgogi, homemade kimchi, or tantalizing Southeast Asian creations like Thai beef salad, Holly's recipes cater to diverse tastes and skill levels. Her baking prowess shines through in delectable treats such as milk bread, deep-dish apple pie, and pumpkin dinner rolls, garnering praise and adoration from readers around the world.