This is a lifestyle blog that aims to inspire and encourage women in their daily lives. Its content is written by Trina McNeilly, who is a daughter, wife, mother of four, author, and occasional stylist. Trina has a penchant for seeking out beauty, whether it be found in perfectly arranged spaces or in brokenness.

In 2008, Trina founded La La Lovely as a platform to share her personal discoveries and to express her thoughts. Throughout the years, La La Lovely has gained popularity and is now recognized as a notable lifestyle blog. Trina provides weekly inspiration to her readers, showcasing tangible beauty that can be seen with the eyes, as well as soulful beauty that arises from faith in the depths of the heart.

Trina strongly believes that beauty exists everywhere and in everything, even in our darkest days. Her perspective is rooted in the importance of noticing and paying attention to the world around us. By highlighting the presence of beauty in all aspects of life, Trina hopes to inspire and uplift her readers through La La Lovely.